Reading and Writing and the Occasional Recipe: Why are we angry at Susan Collins?

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Reading and Writing and the Occasional Recipe

Why are we angry at Susan Collins?

Sunday, September 9, 2018

What’s with all the anger at Susan Collins? She probably won’t vote with the Democrats on Brett Kavanaugh nomination and for that she’s being maligned. I don’t get the anger. or the expectations: She’s. A. Republican.

Yes, she’s a woman and women have an extra stake in this. But she is a Republican and, as far as I know, she’s been a Republican all her public life, even if I and others don’t understand it. Why do we expect that a Republican senator would not vote like one just because she’s a woman? We don’t expect that from Ben Sasse or Bob Corker or other Republican men in the Senate who, from time to time show signs of independent thought. Republican women vote Republican, whether on the Senate floor or in the privacy of their local voting booth.  I personally wish they wouldn’t, but I also wish women didn’t have to get castigated for doing what they want to do.

(For all the people offering to donate to a challenger when Collins is up for re-election, how about sending a little of that love and money to Claire McCaskill, an actual Democrat who votes with the Democrats and is fighting for her political life in Missouri. And don’t forget to support Kamala Harris when she’s up again, after the disrespect she’s taking in the name of helping us know more about this man who’s been offered a lifetime appointment to the country’s highest court.)

And somehow it feels linked to yesterday’s U.S. Open women’s final, in which an unprecedented series of calls diminished a beautiful win by Naomi Osaka and was, unbelievably, business as usual for the tennis world’s treatment of one of their finest. Would this in your wildest dreams have happened in a men’s final?

Nevertheless, they persist, those women.  I heard a radio comment trying to link the tennis calls to the #MeToo moment. No, this doesn’t feel to me like # MeToo. More like #SameOldSameOld.

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